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Radiant Properties is one of the reputed property developers and real estate developers in Coimbatore. We offer luxury villas in Coimbatore for sale. Radiant Properties has created over the years its expertise in property development. With a mission to create a greener and more natural living environment, we provide Luxury villas in Coimbatore for sale and gated community villas in Coimbatore for sale. We have been working with various clients and new villa projects in Coimbatore. Our aim is to modify the face of buildings with an emphasis on construction methods focused on the environment.

Radiant Properties is known for constructing and delivering affordable, internationally accepted Luxury villas in Coimbatore for sale in order to satisfy the increasing requirements for better housing and workplaces. For over the years, our builders in Coimbatore have continuously worked to create world-class Luxury villas for sale in Coimbatore while offering the real estate infrastructure a new dimension. Robust engineering and company transparency made us one of the most admired Builders in Coimbatore.

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Radiant Properties is one of the leading companies which deal with property development, sales, and real estate development in Coimbatore. We offer residential abodes with sheer luxuries that everyone dreams of. We offer all types of residential houses from apartments to villas to gated community villas in Coimbatore. We take up new villa projects in Coimbatore too to deliver a customized luxurious abode for our customers. We also offer apartments for our customers who opt for luxury apartments in Coimbatore. We build with care and provide amenities that are best according to the type of house you are opting for, i.e. luxury villas or luxury apartments in Coimbatore. Each house requires different amenities and facilities depending upon the type of house. The facilities and amenities of a villa will differ from that of apartments or gated community villas in Coimbatore for sale.

We offer villas in Coimbatore for sale immediately. All our new villa projects in Coimbatore for sale are luxurious and built to provide utter comfort. Our villas in Coimbatore for sale are situated in a lush green environment. Nothing can give the feeling of completeness to your abode other than the proximity of nature. We provide gated community villas in Coimbatore amongst natural environments where residents can relish the utter enjoyment of Mother Nature. With all the best amenities and luxuries we offer affordable pricing. The affordability of our luxury villas in Coimbatore for sale will lure you to grab the opportunity to deal with us for your dream home. We complete all our new villa projects in Coimbatore with transparent means. Nobody has ever complained about our project execution and this makes us a trustworthy real estate developer in Coimbatore that you can trust with all your heart. We wish to be with you during the making of your dream home and we wish all the luck for you to prosper in your life.

About Radiant

“To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett

Radiant was conceived as a real estate development company in Coimbatore by inspired entrepreneurs with a passion to improve living spaces through their collective experience, technical innovation, and creativity.

This company believes in setting standards of unrivaled quality and workmanship to provide value to discerned customers in the realm of real estate and infrastructure.

We have the depth and breadth of resources and expertise in integrating engineering, procurement, and services to respond to the demands of the most technically challenging and time-critical civil and structural construction projects.

Our vast land banks and specialization in turnkey contracting works such as design & build is a proven fact and many premium apartments, luxury villas in gated communities and commercial buildings in Coimbatore stand as a testimony to that.

Ongoing Projects
The Radiant Properties team has established its record for brilliance in the construction of Luxury and Apartments and Gated community villas in Coimbatore. We are well known by other for our international best practices, transparency and reliability.
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Completed Projects
Radiant Properties Coimbatore strives in delivering villas and apartments that stand as the quality of our service from time to time and to build long-term relationship. Over the years we have completed more than 50+ projects in Coimbatore and still continue to crafting many noteworthy villas, apartments in Coimbatore.
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Upcoming Projects

With our creative and quality-driven services we are trusted with various clients in undertaking projects through joint venture development, acquisitions, Real estate development (Gated community Villas, apartments), and sales.

We don’t just build houses we build homes

A place to live, a place to enjoy true happiness, a place to feel safe and relaxing, and a place to be yourself is what we called home.

Radiant Properties- We are the leading real estate and property developers we are specialized in offering Luxury villas in Coimbatore for sale.  Over the decades we have helped many peoples to build their dream homes through innovative design and quality parameters. We are well known for building and providing affordable Luxury villas and Gated community villas, with internationally accepted standards to meet the increasing requirements of holiday homes and jobs. Our premium luxury villas stand as the living proof of your high standard of service.

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We are one of the prominent property deals in providing luxury villas and apartments in Coimbatore of your choice. For a better quality of life, we design and construct elegant, inspirational, and environmentally sensitive Villas and Apartments. Our goal is to alter the face of buildings by focusing on Eco-friendly techniques. With our creative ideas and innovative techniques, we deliver your project on onetime without delay.  All our Luxury-Premium Villas in Coimbatore and Gated community Villas are affordable without compromising on standards.

Luxury Villas in Coimbatore


There is nothing as luxurious and comfortable as owning a luxury gated community villa in Coimbatore. As one of the emerging cities, Coimbatore has become an ideal choice for many people who like to get out of the noisy city. We at Radiant Properties are well known for building aesthetic and luxury gated community villas in Coimbatore. We helped individuals in finding and developing dream villas to their needs which offer luxury and amenities that no apartment could offer.